WHITE PAPER: How to tackle the data management challenges of legacy applications

A guide to successful application decommissioning and how to choose the right approach for your business

Dealing with the problem of data in legacy systems doesn’t need to be complex, time-consuming or expensive. There is a solution.

Women planning how to tackle her legacy application challenges

Most organizations have at least one legacy application no longer being updated with live data – either because it has already been replaced by new software or is simply no longer needed.

The majority of legacy applications cannot be switched off because they still contain valuable business data which might be required for operational reasons, such as answering customer queries. Or it might be needed for compliance – perhaps to meet a statutory obligation to retain customer data for a number of years. Ultimately it might simply be considered too risky to discard – an irreplaceable wealth of historical information that could deliver important business insights.

The high running costs and support overheads of legacy systems hamper innovation; access problems impact customer service; and a shortage of legacy IT skills increases business risk.

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