uk utilities customer survey 

Giving uk utility customers a voice

How do household utility bill payers really feel about the massive changes happening in the UK energy and water sectors? What's their reaction to the prospect of significantly higher energy bills this year? Where do they feel most let down by their utility providers? What would encourage them to be more loyal? And how is the rapid adoption of digital technologies during the pandemic changing the way bill payers want to interact with their utility suppliers?

what bill payers told us

Our UK utilities customer survey report documents the findings of a survey of 1,000 domestic utility bill payers in the UK who were questioned in early 2022. Here's a summary of what they said.

On embracing digital communications and self-service:

61% reveal that they have become more used to interacting digitally with companies since the pandemic. And 72% now want utility companies to provide online resources that make it easy to resolve their questions themselves. In fact, 60% would prefer not to call customer services at all if they can solve their issues using online resources.

On billing accuracy:

62% said they regularly check their energy and water bills for mistakes (rising to 73% after the energy price cap was announced), suggesting customers have doubts about billing accuracy.

On improving customer service:

Bill payers are very demanding in their customer service expectations in a variety of areas. Over 90% expect utility suppliers to provide clear, timely communications about service interruptions, make tariffs easy to understand and meter readings easier to submit and to respond to queries quickly, without the customer having to follow up the same issue multiple times. And 57 per cent of bill payers in the survey expect higher levels of service in return for higher prices.

man checking utility bill on laptop

On higher bills and supporting vulnerable customers:

80% said they are very concerned about how higher energy bills announced in the new price cap will impact their household finances this year. And with an expected harsher economic climate, 90% stressed the importance of energy and water companies supporting people who have difficulties paying their bills.

On protecting the environment:

70% feel it is important that energy and water providers are helping to protect the environment and reducing their carbon footprint - and 37% are willing to pay a little more to support these initiatives.